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Beatson Cancer Charity

Beatson Cancer Charity Nurse and Patient

Beatson Cancer Charity

Beatson Cancer Charity supports people and families affected by cancer. From providing wellbeing and patient care services to funding pioneering research and specialist clinical posts, the Glasgow based charity reaches out to cancer patients across the West of Scotland and beyond.

Working alongside the NHS and university partners, Beatson Cancer Charity strives to support The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. The Beatson is an internationally renowned institution, one of the most innovative and modern cancer centres in the world and one of the busiest in terms of clinical activity and patient numbers. Each year the centre sees more than 8,000 new patients and delivers more than 35,000 courses of chemotherapy and 6,800 courses of radiotherapy.

The Beatson has a catchment area of 2.5 million people, around 50% of the Scottish population. It is the primary centre for all radiotherapy and chemotherapy delivery to the population of the West of Scotland. It is the generosity of their supporters which allows Beatson Cancer Charity to deliver an innovative and patient-focused approach to cancer care and change the lives of those affected by the disease every day.

With the Scotch Whisky Industry Charity Auction, the Industry has come together to provide a collection of whiskies to be auctioned in support of Beatson Cancer Charity, raising funds for and promoting awareness of the charity’s important work.


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