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buy casks at auction


It’s every whisky connoisseur’s dream to own their very own cask of whisky. The sheer satisfaction of owning a cask from one of your dearest distilleries, savouring the pleasure of watching your whisky slowly mature, and knowing that you’ve got something here that’s really special – after all, every cask is truly unique.



The buying of whisky casks has become an increasingly popular activity for whisky enthusiasts and passion investors. Recently we have seen more and more casks entered for sale in our online auctions. The process might appear daunting to someone new to buying whisky casks, however, armed with the right information it is actually a very accessible and exciting opportunity. 

Whisky Auctioneer's industry-leading  auctions offer a legitimate platform for those interested in sourcing unique casks. Our specialists are involved in each step of the buying process to ensure authentication of all casks at auction and legal transfer of ownership via Delivery Order.

For more information on how to buy whisky casks at auction, please download our in-depth guide to buying and selling whisky casks at auction. This includes our 5 steps to buying a cask at auction, things to consider when buying whisky casks and a helpful cask glossary.



If you have a whisky cask that you are interested in selling, we’d love to help. When you sell your cask with Whisky Auctioneer you have access to an expert team of industry specialists with a proven track record of delivering results. We curate our auctions carefully to ensure that we showcase your cask in the best possible way to our international network of buyers.

If you are ready to sell or receive a free valuation for your whisky cask, please fill out the form linked through the button below and a member of our team will be back in touch with you quickly to advise on the next steps.

For more information on how to sell your whisky cask at auction, please download our in-depth guide to buying and selling whisky casks at auction. This features our 5 steps to selling a cask at auction, valuing your whisky cask and a helpful cask glossary.

As the leading online rare whisky auctions we often welcome entire casks of whisky to our monthly auctions. You can find examples of successful previous whisky casks sold at auction with Whisky Auctioneer below. 

Interested in taking part in the buying and selling of casks at auction?

Download our detailed guide to buying and selling a cask at auction. Featuring:

  • Step by Step Guides to Buying and Selling
  • Things to Consider when Buying A Cask
  • Full Details on Potential Costs and Fees (including bottling)
  • Previous Cask Sales
  • Whisky Cask Terminology and Related Glossary