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It’s every whisky connoisseur’s dream to own their very own cask of whisky. The sheer satisfaction of owning a cask from one of your dearest distilleries, savouring the pleasure of watching your whisky slowly mature, and knowing that you’ve got something here that’s really special – after all, every cask is truly unique.

The buying of casks has become an increasingly popular approach to investment and recently we have seen more and more examples entered for sale. The process might appear daunting to someone new to whisky casks, however, armed with the right information it is actually a very accessible and exciting opportunity. For more information, check out the list below on what to consider when buying whisky casks and visit our step by step guide on buying online at auction.

As one of the UK's leading online Scotch and rare whisky auctions, we often welcome entire casks of whisky to our monthly auctions. You can find our current whisky cask highlights below along with previous whisky casks sold at auction with Whisky Auctioneer. 



CHECK THE LOT DESCRIPTION: Age, cask type and fill details should be present, along with the amount of liquid and alcohol by volume (ABV) found in the most recent re-gauging of the cask. Any fees applicable for transfer of ownership and ongoing storage will also be included.

STORING YOUR CASK: Storage fees will be applicable and payable by a buyer. The distillery or storage facility can be contacted to request a regauge of the cask, that will confirm the bulk litres of spirit in the barrel and the ABV. Casks can lose around 2% per year through evaporation (the Angel’s Share) so it is worth requesting this regularly, but a charge is likely to be applicable for this service.

KNOW YOUR REGULATIONS: Scotch Whisky Regulations have a long definition of ‘Scotch Whisky’ that you should be familiar with. One important aspect of the definition is that ‘whisky’ must be a minimum ABV of 40% - so keep an eye on that Angel’s Share!

BOTTLING THE WHISKY: VAT and alcohol duties become payable at the bottling stage and this is calculated per litre of pure alcohol present. Small-scale bottling services can be provided by a variety of companies so get in touch if you need some suggestions. Exporting is only possible once the liquid has been bottled.


If you have a whisky cask that you are interested in selling, we’d love to help. When you sell your cask with Whisky Auctioneer you have access to an expert team of industry specialists with a proven track record of delivering results. We curate our auctions carefully to ensure that we showcase your cask in the best possible way to our international network of buyers.


Request a free valuation from our experienced team today. By requesting a complimentary valuation you are under no obligation to then sell at auction. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the selling process and help guide you through the next steps.


To sell your whisky cask with Whisky Auctioneer, we will require a Certificate of Ownership and a recent Re-Gauging of Cask. We also need to know where the cask is currently stored, storage fees and the cost of insurance at the storage facility. A picture of the cask is also preferable to assist with the sale.


Once we have all of the required details from you, we can enter your whisky cask into our next auction. If you would like you can set a reserve price on your cask and we can help advise with this. Our content team will accurately and clearly create the lot description for your cask and we will promote this to our international network of buyers through our newsletters, social media and paid advertising across the duration of the auction (ten days).


Once the auction has ended and we have received payment from the buyer, Whisky Auctioneer will create a Delivery Order (transfer of ownership document) which requires to be signed by both the buyer and seller. Depending on where the cask is stored, they may require further documentation or an administration fee from the buyer, however, this will be advised when applicable. Once the Delivery Order has been signed by both parties, this information is then sent to the distillery, warehouse etc. where the cask is stored for them to complete the legal transfer of ownership. 


Once Whisky Auctioneer are satisfied with the transfer of ownership, payment will be made to the sellers account. We will keep the seller updated on the progress of sale and will be chasing the buyer on their behalf during the entire process.

Get in touch today if you want to discuss selling your whisky cask further. 

1 Bruichladdich 2003 Fresh Bourbon Barrel #252 / Cask in storage at Whiskybroker

1 Bruichladdich 2003 Fresh Bourbon Barrel #252 / Cask in storage at Whiskybroker

This cask of Bruichladdich was filled on 30 May 2003 and is currently maturing from 2018 till now at Whiskybroker warehouses in Creetown.

Cask #252 was re-gauged on 26 February 2020.

  •  New Bulk 109.0023 Litre
  • Strength 59.3%
sell whisky casks at auction

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