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Next Auction starts Friday 31 March. Bottle Deadline: Monday 20 March.


  • Pronunciation: ROSE-bank
  • Meaning: Named after the flowers growing on the side of the canal.
  • Founded: 1798
  • Closed: 1993
  • Region: Lowlands
  • Status: Closed
  • Owner: Diageo
  • Production Capacity: N/A

There is evidence to suggest that there has been a distillery on this site in Falkirk since 1798.Although a new distillery was opened in 1817, it is not clear whether this was on the same location as the previous one.

In 1840 a fourth distillery was opened on the east side of the canal bearing the Rosebank name. A major rebuild occurred in 1864. The distillery produced consistently and was held in high regard until 1993 when the cost to upgrade the effluent treatment of the distillery would cost 2 million pounds. It was deemed financially unviable.

The most recognized bottling of Rosebank is a 12 year old Flora and Fauna bottling.  Older official bottlings do exist, such as an 8 year old 75cl (three stills label).  The Rare Malt series also included a collection of Rosebank at 20 years old and 22 years old.  More recently, we have seen Diageo release as part of the ‘Super Premium’ range of whiskies, a Rosebank 21 year old and a Rosebank 25 year old.

Independently bottled Rosebanks are becoming less available; as stock is quickly dwindling.This has led to a steady increase in value over the last few years.  Keep a close eye on all bottlings of Rosebank. It is only a matter of time before we lose this malt for good!