Buyer's Guide to UK and EU Based Lots

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Guide for UK and European customers to navigate our online auction

We have implemented some improvements to our site and services in order to best support and inform our customers, no matter where they are on the globe, about what to keep in mind when buying a UK or EU-based lot. To help our customers understand these improvements we have introduced new icons on our lot listings.

These improvements are based on two connected elements: 

  1. Lot Location - We have established offices in both the UK and the EU and have now extended our core services to our EU office. This means that from our March auction (live Friday 26th March) customers based in the EU can sell bottles through our EU office. 
  2. Relevant Fees / Duties / Taxes / Etc. - Different countries and regions have a wide variety of rules on fees, duties, customs, taxes etc. in relation to the items auctioned on our site. We have improved the transparency of our services for our customers to help them understand the implication of these charges. 


What Does This Mean For You? 

How these changes will impact you will depend on your location and/or where you are wishing your order to ship to. 

Before bidding, please select your area below to find the guidance relevant to you.  


Why Is There A Change? 

We have made these service improvements in order to make sure that, whether a UK or EU-based lot, we: 

  • Continue to provide the services that our customers have come to expect from us – a great selection of whisky, excellent support for sellers, dedicated promotional and content team and industry-leading expertise and authentication.
  • Ensure that we offer the widest reach possible for buyers and sellers across the globe – customers from over 125 countries, over 1.1 million website users and 3.3 million website sessions and over 100,000 bids per month.
  • Best support and inform our customers – dedicated help pages, responsive customer support, unrivalled detail and insight through our lot pages and marketing, superior imagery including 360 degree photos for special lots.
  • Improve the transparency and clarity of our services - information laid out and easy to access as you are deciding whether to buy or sell.