EU Operations Update

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[Last updated: 25.01.2023]

This page includes up-to-date information regarding important changes to our Germany office operations as the result of EU directive 2020/26 - due to become law in Germany on 13 February 2023. Please continue to check back here for regular updates.

This EU-wide directive will have an impact across the industry, and over recent months we have been working hard to establish the best way to continue serving our EU customers with as little impact as possible. Following analysis and advice on this matter, our Germany office will no longer continue to operate as it has done the last two years and will transition into a Seller Services hub supporting sellers based in Germany only.


How does this impact Whisky Auctioneer?

As of our January Auction, which starts on the 27 January, we will no longer offer ‘EU lots’ in our auctions, and all lots from outside the UK will be transferred to, and sold from, our UK Head Office as ‘UK+VAT lots’. Before you bid, please read our up to date Guide to Lot Symbols and Shipping Information pages.

We have been working tremendously hard to build a plan for the future to ensure that we can continue to serve our global customers to the highest standards. In all aspects of our business, we work with specialists to understand the legal requirements and guidelines, and comply with them. As global market leaders, we have an unwavering commitment to conducting all our business with integrity so that you can continue to feel confident in the services we provide.

We firmly believe that our customers are best served through a strong marketplace for buying and selling whiskies and spirits online. It is up to us to protect and preserve the integrity and transparency of the secondary market and the industry we love.


To help make the situation easier to follow, we have created Q&As below regarding the services we provide.


Customer Q&As

I have a bottle(s) at the Germany office listed in the January auction – what happens now?


Your bottle(s) will now be offered in our January Auction as a UK+VAT Lot. As a UK+VAT lot, your bottle(s) will reach our global network of engaged buyers across over 80 countries. 

Our team have taken care of everything that needs to happen, including photography of your bottle(s) and creating lot descriptions. We will also take care of getting your bottle safely to our UK Head Office at no cost to you.  


What does this mean for sellers in Germany?


Our Germany Office will now act as a Seller Services hub to continue to support sellers in Germany looking to consign their bottles into our global auctions. Please note that we can only receive seller’s bottles at our Germany office that: 

  1. originate from within Germany, AND   
  1. are to be listed on a Whisky Auctioneer account registered with an address in Germany. 

Please complete our Seller Form and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your options. Once your bottles are at our Germany office, we will arrange for them to be sent to and listed from our UK office. 


What does this mean for sellers outside of Germany?


We can continue to support our valued selling clients across Europe. Over the years we have established strong relationships with freight experts to ensure the safety and security of your bottles in transit, and this is something we are pleased to continue. Please complete our Seller Form and our Client Services team can advise you on how we can best support you to get your bottles to our UK Head Office.  

With immediate effect, we can only receive seller’s bottles at our Germany Office that: 

  1. originate from within Germany, AND  
  1. are to be listed on a Whisky Auctioneer account registered with an address in Germany. 


What does this mean for buyers in the EU?  


We will no longer offer ‘EU lots’ in our auctions. All bottles from the EU will be sold as UK+VAT lots and we will no longer be able to offer a Collection service from our Germany Office for orders won in future auctions. 

EU-based customers can still take part in our auctions, however, if you would like to ship winning bottles to a country within the EU, local taxes will apply and be the responsibility of the buyer.  Before you bid, please read our Guide to Lot Symbols and Shipping Information pages to check for any delivery restrictions or associated costs for your delivery country, particularly if you are a buyer based in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Finland or Estonia


Can I continue to store bottles at your Germany Office?


We will no longer be offering a storage service at our Germany Office. 

If you have bottles currently in storage at our Germany office (you can view what orders you have in storage in the Orders section of your user dashboard), please choose one of the actions below: 

Sell Stored Orders in Upcoming Auctions - Please complete our Seller Form indicating which of our upcoming auctions you would like to list them in. As we will manage the transfer of your bottles to our UK office, your experience as a seller will be exactly as you are used to. 

Ship Stored Orders – Please complete our Ship Stored Orders Form and we will work with you to agree a solution to receiving your items. 

Collect Stored Orders – Our Germany office is open for you to collect your items. Please make an appointment to visit us first. 


I have bottles I want to sell, what happens next? 


If you have bottles that you wish to sell with Whisky Auctioneer, please complete our Seller Form and our Client Services team will be in touch to provide advice on how we can support you in getting your bottles to our UK Head Office.