JM Whisky Auctioneer Announce Partnership with Dramfool

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We’re so delighted to be able to announce that we will be partnering with Dramfool on an exciting project as they release ‘The Jim McEwan Signature Collection’.

Dramfool, the Scottish-based independent bottlers, have in just a matter of six years quickly gained a reputation for sourcing and bottling incredible whiskies for whisky lovers. Working closely to release the personal stock of Jim McEwan is a hugely exciting step sure to elevate them among drinkers and collectors alike.

In early 2021, Dramfool also launched Dramfool Casks which aims to offer a new perspective in cask ownership. Frustrated by the lack of access to quality casks for private buyers, Dramfool Casks are making waves in the growing trend to democratise private whisky cask sales. 

On 7th January 2001, Jim McEwan opened the gates to reawaken Bruichladdich. Now one of the most admired figures in the industry, Jim McEwan re-wrote Bruichladdich's fate, carving the distillery's destiny and bringing fresh new stories into the staid world of Scotch whisky at that time. 20 years on, Dramfool announced that they would be opening the door to his personal collection casks.

We're very excited to be working on this project with Dramfool Casks, bringing these personal casks, The Jim McEwan Signature Collection, to the world very soon. Not only that, we will soon be announcing details on a series of events jointly hosted by Whisky Auctioneer, Dramfool and of course Jim McEwan.