Pats Whiskey Collection Bourbon and American Whiskey Auction World’s Most Comprehensive Collection of Bourbon and American Whiskey To Ever Be Sold At Auction

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This week will mark a significant chapter in the story of Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection, the world’s largest private whisky collection ever to go to auction.  On Friday (9 October 2020) its portfolio of Bourbons and American Whiskeys, the heart and soul of the collection, will go live on Whisky Auctioneer.

Bourbon and American whiskey fans will be able to bid on what has been described as ‘a contemporary gold mine of ridiculously hard-to-find rare bourbons and ryes’.  Bidding will open from Friday 9 October and will end on Monday 19 October from 7pm BST. 

The auction will include a near complete collection of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, sought-after Pappy Van Winkle bottlings and the 1974 A.H. Hirsch Reserve, a legendary bourbon that is the subject of an entire book. 

Pat’s original goal with his collection was gathering bottles to be opened, enjoyed and shared with others. However, his determination to explore every area of whiskey soon outstripped his ability to open the bottles he was acquiring and so began his pursuit to create one of the most complete libraries of whisky ever amassed by a single collector. 

After purchasing and tasting a bottle of Very Olde St. Nick in a whisky shop in Japan, Pat “fell helplessly in love with aged bourbon and rye”. The rest is history as Pat’s quest to explore the world of American whiskey was set in motion, he searched auction sites across the world, begged friends and instigated business trips to source his next bottle.

Pat's overall whisky collection consists of over 9,000 bottles with the bourbon and American whiskey component being crowned its ‘heart and soul’ by the collector. Its significance lies in its completeness with extensive offerings from Buffalo Trace’s Antique Collection, Experimental Collection and Single Oak Project. Other key highlights include:


  • A comprehensive collection of Old Fitzgerald bottlings from the Van Winkle era, produced using revered liquid stocks from the legendary Stitzel-Weller distillery

  • Over 25 sought-after bottlings from the Van Winkle family tree of bourbons including the 23 Year Old Pappy Van Winkle, one of the most desirable, collectable bourbon whiskies in the world.

  • Almost 100 bottles of Jack Daniel’s including Sinatra Century, Old No.7 Inaugural Bottle and the Gold Medal series.

  • Noteworthy collections from Very Olde St. Nick, Willett Family Estate, Michter’s and Orphan Barrel


Joe Wilson, Head Curator & Spirits Specialist at Whisky Auctioneer, said:

“The American whiskey segment of Pat’s collection is undoubtedly one of its most important and impressive components. The collection is a staggeringly complete forensic examination of the prestige and collectable bourbon that commands our market today, and how we got there. It is both retrospective as well as modern, encompassing careful selections of the revered output from historic Stitzel-Weller distillery, with a dutifully curated library of 21st century classics from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and beyond.

“The ‘heart and soul’ of Pat’s collection is confidently the most comprehensive record of American whiskey to be offered by a single owner in a single auction. We are honoured to work with Pat in bringing this truly ‘one of a kind’ opportunity to a global audience of bourbon and American whiskey aficionados.”


Fred Minnick, Renowned Expert and American Whiskey Consultant for Whisky Auctioneer, said: 

“Pat’s American Whiskey collection is a contemporary gold mine of ridiculously hard-to-find rare bourbons and ryes, ranging from nearly every bottle of the Buffalo Trace Experimental series to the coveted 1974 Van Winkle exports. It is one of the strongest collections I’ve seen in my 15-year career; near every bottle is allocated and impossible to find.

“It offers a great opportunity to build the ultimate home bourbon bar and if you bought every bottle, you’d instantly have one of the world’s best collections. Many are on my Best Bourbons of the 21st Century So Far list, and I will be actively bidding myself.”


Pat, the collector, said: 

“Bourbon and American Whiskey is the absolute heart and soul of my collection. It defined for me what the journey of whisky discovery was supposed to look like, akin to a historic drinking game to be played over a decade or more. 

“The history of US American whiskey is fascinating and complex. Untangling the threads and putting the pieces back together is a true journey of exploration and discovery. One you should embark on without preconceived ideas of whisk(e)y snobbery and a preparedness to have your palate awed at every twist and turn.

“Today marks an emotional milestone for me as I prepare to say goodbye to some stand out bottles. However I will certainly be holding back a few favourites, for my own consumption.”


Whisky Auctioneer will offer whisky lovers the chance to join an exclusive club offering insider access to the Collection. Pat's Whisk(e)y Club is a place for whisky enthusiasts, whether novice or expert, to unlock access to exclusive content, educational resources and get involved in the journey of Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection.