Nc'nean Charity Auction The Five Charities: Nc'nean Ainnir Charity Auction

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This weekend Nc'nean distillery are auctioning the first 10 bottles of whisky ever filled at the distillery. All proceeds from the auction, including Whisky Auctioneer's buyers commission and any new registration fees, will be split between five charities which have been hand-selected by the Nc'nean team. From environmental organisations to hospitality charities, they have picked causes who work on matters that reflect the Nc'nean ethos.

You can find out a little more about each of the very deserving charities below: 


Trees For Life

"Our vision is of a revitalised wild forest in the Highlands of Scotland, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive."

As a 'protector of nature' this is a cause very close to Nc'nean's heart and values. In fact, every tree that Nc'nean harvest from their local forest to power the biomass boiler which heats their stills, is replanted so they can't wait to be a part of furthering this work.

Trees for Life is an ambitious conservation charity working to rewild the Scottish Highlands. They use their donations to fund tree planting projects in Scotland. Their mission is to create safe spaces for wildlife, increase biodiversity and have planted nearly 2 million trees to date.


The Drinks Trust

"Providing support, care and assistance to the drinks industry workforce since 1886."

The Drinks Trust do an amazing job of supporting hospitality workers across the England and Wales, providing services across vocational, well-being, financial and practical support. These are the people who have been hit hardest by Coronavirus, so Nc'nean were passionate about giving something back to help them through these incredibly tough times.


The Ben

The Ben, also known as the Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Society, do a similar thing to The Drinks Trust but across our home country of Scotland. Nc'nean want to do all they can to help the hospitality industry make a recovery from 2020 and know that The Ben put their money to great use - from stepping in as a safety net for anyone facing extreme financial hardship to providing a free mental health helpline.


Morvern Community Trust

The Morvern peninsula is Nc'nean's home and it's important to them to support their local community. The MCT work hard to provide community benefit for all that live and visit the peninsula. The help with local projects to support everyone in the area covering health & welfare, education, community benefit/ enterprise and local culture, sport & recreation. 


Scottish Farm Land Trust

"We want to see a food system where farms are connected to their communities and produce nutritious and affordable food in a way that makes a positive contribution to the health of communities and the natural environment."

The Scottish Farm Land Trust's mission is to help young people and new farmers to take on small-scale ecological agriculture by purchasing land to be held in trust. Nc'nean are pasionate about their work to increase access to land across Scotland, especially for young people, to advance education about sustainable land use and enable land use that more directly benefits local communities.


Each and every one of the charities chosen by Nc'nean do fantastic work to help make the world a better place. The Nc'nean Ainnir Charity Auction ends Monday 17 August from 7pm, so please remember to bid generously to support these fantastic charities ensuring they can continue their vital work.