Springbank 1919 50 yo Bidding Begins on World’s Largest Private Whisky Collection at Auction

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In what is a major coup for Scottish company Whisky Auctioneer, not only is it the largest private collection of whisky ever to go on sale, it is also the most extensive whisky collection to go to online at auction. Described as ‘The Perfect Collection’ - some of the bottles could potentially fetch a hammer price of over £1 million.

The Collection has already generated extensive global interest and thousands have signed up to take part in the auction from across the world. Consisting primarily of single malt Scotch whisky, the collection of over 3,900 bottles will be sold across two auctions, the first part of which got underway at 12:00pm GMT on Friday 7 February 2020. The second part will follow, launching on 10 April 2020. With the sheer number of significant bottles on offer the two part auction is aimed to allow buyers the time and space to explore the collection in all its diversity.

The first auction includes over 1,900 bottles including the highly coveted, valuable and rare Macallan 1926 Valerio Adami 60 Year Old and Springbank 1919 50 Year Old. The eclectic library of whiskies also consists of a number of bottlings from some of Scotland’s lost distilleries, including an Old Orkney Real Liqueur Whisky circa 1930s from Stromness Distillery. Some of the bottles have never or rarely been seen before at auction, by whisky experts or connoisseurs.

The auction will also feature an exceptionally large offering of The Macallan, including revered releases from their Fine and Rare series and Lalique range, a wide selection of Springbank, including examples of their celebrated 1960s vintage Local Barley series and many stunning early 20th century vintage whiskies, such as the Longmorn 1939 Mayor, Sworder and Co. and Talisker Berry Brothers and Rudd circa 1930s vintage.

The Collection has been built and nurtured by the late Mr. Richard Gooding - an American private collector from Colorado. Mr. Gooding spent decades in pursuit of creating ‘The Perfect Collection’ of whisky, leaving no stone unturned by travelling regularly to Scotland with his pilot in search of special bottles at auctions and distilleries. Until recently, the Collection has been housed in Mr. Gooding’s ‘Pub’ - a dedicated room located in his Colorado family home that was specially designed to showcase each one of his whiskies in all their glory.

Iain McClune, Founder of Whisky Auctioneer said:

“The Perfect Collection by Mr. Gooding is making whisky history. Amongst the over 3,900 bottles is the largest collection of The Macallan ever to go to auction, including the limited opportunity to acquire the 1926 Valerio Adami and 1926 Fine & Rare 60 Year Old bottlings. It is with great pleasure that we present The Perfect Collection by Mr. Richard Gooding part one. Featuring some astonishingly rare and iconic bottlings, many of which have scarcely been seen before on the secondary whisky market, it is sure to excite much interest from across the globe. “For me it is the diversity within The Perfect Collection that is perhaps the most exciting aspect. The breadth makes it an opportunity accessible for all: from those new to whisky collecting to the seasoned connoisseur looking to crown their collection, there is something here for every whisky lover.’”

Becky Paskin, Whisky Expert and Writer, said:

“The fact the collection is being sold through Whisky Auctioneer, an online auction house, means people all over the world have the opportunity to bid on a bottle. It’s a fantastic way to track down that elusive whisky missing from your own collection, or even source bottles that might be the start of a new hobby or investment. “There is such a huge variety of whisky available in the Perfect Collection that most people will be able to find something to pique their interest. “For me, the highlights are the whiskies crafted at some of Scotland’s lost distilleries, such as the 1930s Old Orkney from Stromness or the 1921 Dallas Dhu. As the distilleries are no longer operational, these bottles act as rare time capsules, their liquid representing an era that no longer exists. They allow us to experience that single moment in time, and I believe there is something beautifully magical in that.”

The first part runs until 17th February and can be found, along with photos and condition reports under current auction here. The second part will run from 10th April - 20th April and contains the remaining bottles from The Collection, including The Macallan 1926 Fine & Rare, Glenfiddich 1937 Rare Collection 64 Year Old and The Balvenie 1937 Pure Malt 50 Year Old. Registering to bid is easy and no matter what whisky you are looking for, there is something for everyone.

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