whisky cask Purchasing Rare Whiskies By The Cask

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It’s every whisky connoisseur’s dream, to own their very own cask of whisky. The sheer satisfaction of owning a cask from one of your dearest distilleries, savouring the pleasure of watching your whisky slowly mature, and knowing that you’ve got something here that’s really special – after all, every cask is truly unique.

Whether you want to own a piece of history from your favourite distillery, invest in something you’re passionate about or simply diversify your investment portfolio, Scotch Whisky is definitely an attractive proposal. And, it's really not surprising in light of the Knight Frank Wealth Report 2019 which reports whisky as a stronger investment than jewellery, watches, diamonds and classic cars. The report also highlights that over the last ten years, rare whisky has witnessed a 582% increase in value, demonstrating a serious return for those that have invested in the spirit.

A number of whisky enthusiasts are also purchasing casks, not for the financial incentives but for consumption. Family members and work colleagues clubbing together to share the enjoyment of owning a cask, or having something to bottle for a special gifting occasion or commemorate a special birth or anniversary year.

The process of buying a whisky cask may seem daunting, however, armed with the right information it is actually a very accessible and exciting opportunity. For more information, check out our step-by-step guide on things to consider when buying whisky casks.



As one of the UK's leading online Scotch and Rare Whisky Auctions, we often welcome entire casks of whisky to our monthly auctions. In our upcoming auction this month, we are thrilled to present four rare cask-purchasing opportunities from renowned Scottish Distilleries. 

1 Ben Nevis 1996 Hogshead #878 (23 Year Old)

1 Longmorn 2008 Refill Barrel #1225 (10 Year Old)

1 Bruichladdich 2011 Fresh Bourbon Barrel #3241 (7 Year Old)

Make sure that you are registered and ready to participate in our August Auction featuring these exceptional cask opportunities (Auction runs from 23 August - 2 September).



If you have a whisky cask that you are interested in selling, we’d love to help. When you sell your whisky cask with Whisky Auctioneer you have access to an expert team of Scotch Whisky industry specialists with a proven track record of delivering results. We curate our auctions carefully to ensure that we showcase your whisky cask in the most effective manner to our international network of buyers.

Get in touch today if you want to discuss selling your whisky cask further. Please note that we will require a Certificate of Ownership and a recent Re-Gauging of Cask.