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For the first time in almost a century, there is a single malt distillery in Edinburgh. Situated in the beating heart of this historic city, Holyrood Distillery opened the doors to a distinctly different distillery experience in July 2019. Just two months later, spirit started flowing once again, bringing the city’s rich single malt distilling history back to life. Holyrood Distillery was founded by Canadian couple, Rob and Kelly Carpenter and Scot, David Robertson. A tale of whisky and romance, Rob co-founded the Canadian branch of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society with wife Kelly, while David has 25 years’ experience in the industry including a period as Master Distiller at The Macallan.

Harnessing their shared passion for the dram and industry knowledge in spades, Holyrood is forging its own path in the creation of its whisky. Inspired by its surroundings, Holyrood is undaunted in their exploratory approach which involves speciality malts and a variety of different yeasts.


Made By Edinburgh - The City of Culture And Creativity

As the world slowly shut down and operations of many distilleries were put on hold during 2020 as an effect of COVID-19, Holyrood announced its innovative 'Made by Edinburgh' cask programme; an opportunity for members of the public to purchase a piece of Edinburgh’s distilling future. The ‘Made by Edinburgh’ programme pays homage to Edinburgh’s rich brewing and distilling heritage.



Appreciative of the past and Edinburgh's distilling history but unfettered by tradition, Holyrood distillery is inspired by the modern, vibrant city in which it stands.


Grain Selection

Their single malt whisky reflects their contemporary attitude and is influenced by the distinctive flavours found within iconic Edinburgh beers.

Holyrood use a proprietary mash bill comprised of Lothian spring barley combined with a proportion of crystal malt, and a touch of chocolate malt. This promises a spectrum of rich mellow tones and a rounded sweetness synonymous with Edinburgh brewing.


Experimenting With Yeast

Unlike many traditional distilleries, Holyrood is putting the spotlight on their yeast, using a native Edinburgh strain to create a concentration of vibrant esters and bright fruity flavours.

Originally developed as a continuous collaboration between the city’s brewers over the decades, the Edinburgh brewers yeast strain is literally a living embodiment of Edinburgh.



At 7m high, Holyrood Distillery boast some of Scotland's tallest stills. The taller the stills, the purer the spirit and these stills allow Holyrood to shape their fruity and floral new make. The spirit is double distilled, prioritising flavour creation over yield at every stage of the process.



Whisky Auctioneer is delighted to partner with the Holyrood distillery to offer the unique opportunity to put your name to one of three singular whisky casks in our May 2021 Auction. Having been distilled using single origin barley from a Lothian based farm, they offer full traceability from field to barrel. Additionally, these three casks are the only ones offered from Holyrood's cask programme to be exclusively matured in ex-bourbon casks.