US Customer Information Announcement

Before you place any bids in our auction, please make sure to read the below information in full


Shipments to the US

As you may be aware, a recent set of trade tariffs means that from the 18th October 2019, shipments of Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Single Malt Northern Irish Whiskey to the USA are subject to a tariff payment of 25%.

This tariff charge will only be applicable to Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Single Malt Northern Irish Whiskey, therefore there will be no tariff charge relating to orders of blended whisky, grain whisky, other world whiskies and spirits.

The 25% tariff will be to the value of the hammer price of any Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Single Malt Northern Irish Whiskey.

Before you place any bids, please be aware that all customers wishing to send shipments to the US will be required to complete the check-out process as normal. Following payment of your order, the tariff charge of 25%, if applicable, will then be added by our customer service team as an additional charge and require payment prior to shipment.

We're working with all of our forwarders to make this as straight-forward as possible, but please understand that shipments may take a little longer than usual to get to you. 

Please find out more information about shipping here.


Free Storage Now Available Until 31 December 2020

To make things a bit simpler for our highly-valued US customers, we are pleased to offer free storage until 31 December 2020.  This extends the existing free period of three months and if our US Customers choose to store bottles rather than ship them to the US, then they will NOT be required to pay the 25% on any Single Malt Scotch whisky or Single Malt Northern Irish Whiskey purchased through our auctions.

So we are happy to offer this storage for free until 31 December 2020 if you would like to temporarily store your orders to combine them or to address to any changes to the arrangements regarding US shipments.

*Conditions apply for bottle values in excess of £100k. Please contact our customer service team to find out more.

If you have any questions about US Shipping/Tarriffs or Storage, please contact us.


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