2020 Kentucky Bourbon Festival Kentucky Bourbon Festival Goes Virtual This Weekend!

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The Kentucky Bourbon Festival began in 1991 as a bourbon tasting and dinner held in Bardstown, Kentucky - the bourbon capital of the world! Over the years, the event has grown tremendously and in 2019 they welcomed thousands of bourbon aficionados to Bardstown to celebrate not only bourbon, but also the people and the community that have supported the industry for generations.

Due to the current climate amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival is not able to go ahead as originally planned in Bardstown, however, for bourbon fans around the world that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the festivities online! Yes, that's right for the first time in their history the Kentucky Bourbon Festival will take place online in the virtual world plannig to attract even more global bourbon lovers whilst keeping everyone safe. 

Whisky Auctioneer are delighted to be involved in this year's virtual events with a segment with our Head of Auction Content and resident American Whiskey Expert, Joe Wilson. Joe will introduce Whisky Auctioneer, his great love for bourbon, examples of collectible bourbons and what performs well at auction. If you would like to register your interested for a reminder when this video segment will be aired, please do so here.


Below you can find a full line up of events taking place over the festival.



MAKERS MARK: Supermarket Cocktails at 7.30pm EST

BARDSTOWN BOURBON COMPANY: Bourbon & Kentucky Cuisine at 7.45pm EST

FOUR ROSES AND BARTON 1792: From the Shadows to the Spotlight: Barton 1792 Distillery and Four Roses Bourbon at 8.30pm EST

HEAVEN HILL AND BARDSTOWN BOURBON COMPANY: The Rebirth of Bourbon: Building a Tourism Economy In Small Town USA at 9.15pm EST



BUFFALO TRACE AND HEAVEN HILL: Why Bottled-In-Bond? at 6.00pm EST

WILDERNESS TRAIL DISTILLERY: Bottled-In-Bond "Happy Hour" at 6.30pm EST

BARDSTOWN BOURBON COMPANY AND BARDTOWN 1792: The Art of Whiskey Making, Part 1, Fermentation at 7.15pm EST

BARDSTOWN BOURBON COMPANY: Cocktail Quickie! at 7.45pm EST

HEAVEN HILL AND MAKERS MARK: The Art of Whiskey Making, Part 2, Distillation at 8.00pm EST

INDEPENDENT STAVE COMPANY AND HEAVEN HILL: The Art of Whiskey Making, Part 3, Aging at 8.30pm EST

MAKERS MARK AND ANGELS ENVY: Growing Up in a Whiskey Distilling Family at 9pm EST



MICHTER'S: Adventures In Food and Whiskey Pairing at 4.45pm EST

BUZICK CONSTRUCTION AND KOETTER CONSTRUCTION: The Art of Whiskey Making, Part 4, Rickhouses at 5.30pm EST

BARDSTOWN BOURBON COMPANY AND FOUR ROSES: The Art of Whiskey Making, Part 5, Mingling at 6.00pm EST

JIM BEAM: Cocktail Quickie! at 6.45pm EST

MAMMY'S KITCHEN: Bourbon & Kentucky Cuisine at 7.00pm EST

BLANTON'S AND JIM BEAM: Single Barrels: The Real Whiskey Unicorns at 8.00pm EST

HOUSE OF BOURBON: Buying and Selling Your Vintage Whiskey - Legally at 8.00pm EST

JIM BEAM AND WILD TURKEY: Oh, The Places We've Been! at 8.45pm EST



WHISKY AUCTIONEER: What is a Collectible Expert? at 2.00pm EST

KENTUCKY BOURBON FESTIVAL AND RABBIT HOLE: A Closing Toast to the Future of Whiskey! at 2.30pm EST


What an incredible line-up of events! Find out more about the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, read descriptions for each of their events and register for free at kybourbonfestival.com