Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Whisky at Auction

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How to sell whisky at an online auction

If you would like to sell rare whisky online, we are always ready to accept entries for our upcoming whisky auctions. There is no better place to sell your whisky online and we pride ourselves in being industry leaders. Our worldwide auctions achieve the best prices, regularly breaking world-records, and our hassle-free service includes free bottle valuations and complimentary collections (subject to value and number of bottles) across the UK and E.U - making it as easy as possible to get your whisky to auction.   

If you have a bottle of whisky, or an entire collection, that you would like to sell or have valued, please follow the directions below or feel free to contact us directly.  

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Registering an account will give you lifetime access to buy and sell in our regular monthly and exclusive auctions. Registration costs £5 (ex VAT) to authenticate users and mitigate against illegitimate bidding. Click here to find out more about fees and payment terms for selling.



If you would like a free valuation for your bottles, please request a valuation and one of our whisky experts will get back in touch with you. 



We take the hassle out of choosing the best way for you to get your bottles to us. Our expert Customer Service Team is ready to advise, and all they need is a few simple details.  

Please visit our Sell Your Bottles page for more information. Ready to sell? You must complete our form on this page to submit your bottles for sale. 



Once we have received your bottle(s ) we will confirm the quality and condition of the items and if acceptable they can then be listed in an upcoming auction (find upcoming auction dates here). You can also confirm if you would like a reserve price (min. £150) applied at this stage. We will take professional photographs, create accurate and clear lot descriptions and begin work on promoting your bottles to our global audience of whisky enthusiasts.



If your item has successfully sold, payment is made to the seller within 21 business days (find out more information about fees and payment terms). 

If you place a reserve on a lot and it does not sell, we can either list it in a subsequent auction (subject to fees) or arrange for delivery back to yourself (subject to delivery charge).  


How much is my whisky worth?

The value of a bottle of whisky is constantly fluctuating according to supply and demand. Whisky Auctioneer can provide a valuation according to the latest market trends. If you would like a free, no-obligation valuation, please visit our Free Auction Estimate page.

I have a large collection to sell - can Whisky Auctioneer help me?

Yes. Whisky Auctioneer can offer sellers a full range of services when it comes to larger private collections. The time and effort required to build such a collection shows commitment, care and enthusiasm and as whisky enthusiasts ourselves, we understand this and use our extensive experience in order to treat collectors prized possessions with the respect, esteem and attention they deserve. We work hand in hand with private collectors to make the process of using our services as seamless and straightforward as possible.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please get in touch with our Customer Service team.

How many items can I submit to sell?

You can submit as many bottles as you like! 

Are there any items you don't accept?

Whisky Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bottles/items at our own discretion. We do not accept the following items for auction: 

  • Any Bell’s decanters, Gold Star and Luxury Spirit Decanters, or Khukuri rum.
  • Non-whisky liqueurs, Amaro or Vermouth.
  • Items that have exceeded “Use by” or ”Best before” dates.
  • Merchandise or non-whisky ephemera, with the exception of original artworks, books or items of historical significance.Items which could contain risk to our customers, for example liqueur chocolates
  • Cask Ends.
  • Glassware or ceramics that are not packaged as part of an original gift set (glasses, jugs, empty decanters, etc).
  • Unsealed bottles originally sold with a sealed closure.
  • Bottles that we believe to be counterfeit, or where we have reasonable doubts regarding their authenticity.
  • At present we cannot accept miniature bottles at our office in Germany

What fees are involved for selling whisky?

All of the information that you need about the fees involved for selling can be found on our dedicated Seller's Fees and Payment Terms page.