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Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection is the result of nearly 15 years of dedication, perseverance, and knowledge. Numbering in excess of 9,000 bottles and over 2,000 miniatures, it is the single largest private collection of whisky ever to be brought to auction.

On first sight of the Collection, the Whisky Auctioneer team were in awe of its diversity and 'completeness'. With examples ranging from the mid-20th century to present day, the Collection reflects on whisky’s early pioneers and those transforming the market today. It is also the largest collection of complete or near complete individual series' from varying distilleries that the team have encountered.

In consideration of its volume and diversity, the collection will be offered across multiple auctions over the next twelve months. Between now and October 2021, Whisky Auctioneer will curate an exciting lineup of exclusive and spotlight auctions to showcase the incredible components of Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection.



Pat's Whisk(e)y Club is a place for whisky enthusiasts, whether novice or expert, to share in our passion for the spirit, unlock access to educational resources and get involved in the journey of Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection.

Benefits include:

  • Early access to preview lot listings for upcoming auctions
  • The chance to take part in unique experiences and events
  • Exclusive downloadable content including access to reference libraries, guides and information
  • If you're new to whisky collecting, take advantage of advice from our in-house experts and tips from the man behind the collection
  • Get involved and contribute your questions to our partners from in-house experts to industry producers and influencers.
  • And more exciting benefits to be announced over the coming months...



Heart & Soul: The Bourbon & American Whiskey Auction

The first exclusive sale from Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection presented its impressive portfolio of bourbon and American whiskeys in October 2020.

Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection consists of over 9,000 bottles with the bourbon and American whiskey component being crowned its ‘heart and soul’ by the collector.

Read more about the world's most comprehensive collection of bourbon and American whiskey to come to auction.


A Journey of Discovery: The European Bottlers Collection

The second exclusive sale from Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection featured over 800 bottles celebrating the history and significance of Europe’s independent whisky bottlers. The auction offered whisky lovers and collectors an incredible opportunity to discover some of the most complete series’ of whiskies that paved the way for the growth of the independent bottler category.


The Creativity of Blending: Compass Box

From Thursday 14 January - Monday 18 January, we were delighted to host our exclusive Compass Box Auction, a celebration of the creative whiskymakers 21st century revival of the blend. The auction featured over 130 expressions, including 70 limited editions, from Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection.


Mortlach: Through The Ages

Whisky Auctioneer was honoured to present the world's first exclusive Mortlach auction. This exclusive sale offered whisky lovers and collectors an incredible opportunity to discover a single malt that has largely remained unknown outside of its devoted whisky circles. The auction ran from Thursday 18 March - Monday 22 March 2021.


A Bygone Era: The Golden Age of Brora

Comprised primarily from Pat's Whisk(e)y Collection, Whisky Auctioneer presented the world's first auction dedicated solely to Brora in April 2021. This exclusive auction encapsulates the distillery’s past as it prepares to turn on the stills to its future, charting the epic journey of a much-loved sleeping giant from its origins to its imminent reawakening.


A Celebration of Islay: The Islay Festival Auction

Whisky Auctioneer celebrated Fèis Ìle with a presentation of the most extensive and complete collection of whiskies produced by the island’s legendary distilleries for the festival. Whisky Auctioneer donated a proportion of the proceeds from the auction to Islay-based charities and projects to support the local community.