Six Sensational Whiskies around £600 Six Sensational Whiskies Currently At Around £600

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With headlines surrounding million-dollar whiskies and world-record prices, it is easy to see why at first glance this might lead the whisky enthusiast or novice collector to believe that they are priced out of the modern whisky auction market.  However, this is certainly far from the truth, as there is something of the thrill of the hunt in the auction process, with lots of hidden gems to uncover at accessible prices.  

We've made a bit of a start for you in highlighting some single malts with current bids around £600 at the time of writing that can be found in the second-part sale of ‘The Perfect Collection’ – the world’s most significant whisky sale. 


Killyloch 1967

A very rare bottling of whisky from Killyloch before their stills were switched off in the 1970s. This 36 year old official release from Inver House is a vatting of the six of the last remaining casks that the former proprietors of the distillery had left in their care.  

Glenfiddich 1973 Vintage Reserve 25 Year Old #11148

From the acclaimed Vintage Reserve series, this was distilled in 1973 and matured in single cask #11148 for over 25 years before being bottled on 13th October 2000.  

Bowmore 1972 & 1974 Sherry Casks 

These sherry cask vintages from the 1970s are regarded by many as some of the finest Bowmore ever bottled. 

Mortlach 1970 Turatello 21 Year Old Cask Strength 

A 1970 vintage Mortlach, this was bottled at cask strength in 1991 by Nadi Fiori under the Turatello Imports name. 

Springbank 1979 14 Year Old 

A single vintage bottling from this classic Campbeldtown distillery, distilled in December 1979 and bottled in May 1994 at 14 years old.

Linkwood 1939 Gordon and MacPhail 43 Year Old

A rare pre-war vintage from Linkwood, a distillery whose expressions are becoming increasingly collectible. This was bottled in the early 1980s.